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Your wood needs to be well cared for and protected. You can find the necessary premium products here at HeliaCARE -wood-. BIO wood preservation in food quality, without chemicals and additives for healthy living, was a challenge for our development department. Made only from certified organic oilseeds (seeds), our HeliaCARE wood products are probably unique. Continue reading…


Give your wooden cutting board and your kitchen natural wood worktop a velvety shine and natural hygienic protection against meat and poultry juice. Thanks to our cold-pressed natural oils with real food-grade beeswax, contact with food is guaranteed to be harmless. Continue reading…

Cutting board balm

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HeliaCARE -leather balm-

HeliaCARE -Leather Balm- for high-quality leather care on a natural 100% basis made from organic oilseeds and pure beeswax. Maintains, protects and regenerates all types of smooth leather and leads to a new shine, ensures lasting suppleness, is breathable and water-repellent. It contains no chemicals and is absolutely odorless and colorless, as well as food safe and also in food quality. Continue reading

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