away 35€ value of goods Free shipping!

HeliaCARE products in a box

for Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Sweden,
Portugal, Poland, ... (= EU zone 1) Otherwise only 6 € per order in Germany and Austria and 8.50 remaining EU countries Please understand the shipping costs. Parcel service charges 14 euros for a parcel abroad and 6 euros domestically for commercial shipping! Switzerland 12.00 euros per order. From 45,- Euro value of goods free shipping.
Customs clearance necessary for invoices over 60 euros! Deliveries over 10kg only to Germany and Austria.

Sustainability of our packaging:
We advertise sustainability and ECO, which is why we do not use plastic wherever possible. In response to multiple customer requests, we also occasionally (if available) use used packaging material. This is more time-consuming for us, as standardized packaging material is cheaper to process, but we focus on our customers here. If you do not want this, simply leave us a message at the checkout.
We hope you enjoy our products from the RCE shop!

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