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      The wood balm contains pure and, above all, real beeswax. The melting point is 63 degrees. Since we do not use stabilizers, emulsifiers or temulsifiers (which are usually done to increase stability), the balm is guaranteed to be liquid at 63 degrees.

      Now temperatures of 35 degrees are sufficient (in the DHL Transporter it can easily be 50 degrees) or just vigorous shaking so that the balm loses its stability, because the atomic grid, which ensures stability, is weakened at more than room temperature .

      The balm can become liquid, but it does not separate. That was one of the toughest points in development. That means you can use the liquid balm in the same way. This also has the advantage that it can then draw in deeper and bring more wax into the wood.

      None for the application!

      Can you fix the balm again?
      Yes, simply put it in the refrigerator the night before use and processing is possible as usual. However, it will then become liquid again after a few hours / days.

      Can you set the balm permanently?
      Yes, pour the balm into a temperature-resistant container, put it in the oven at 80 degrees for 30 minutes, stir well and then cool in the refrigerator without moving the container! And then ideally store in the refrigerator (or in a cool place).

      Please report on your experiences here in the forum.


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