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      We have received isolated indications that our HeliaCARE wood wax is too hard for one or the other user. Unfortunately, we cannot understand this and would appreciate any comment here in the forum.

      How is the application intended?

      You take a small piece of wood or a chisel and stick out a piece of wax. This is placed on the surface to be treated. Please wax with a cotton cloth or a polishing machine. Simply press the lump of wax briefly with a cloth or polishing machine and the problem is solved - it is immediately viscous when force is applied.

      If only a small area is to be waxed, rub the can with the cloth in a circular motion to absorb the wax, and then spread it on the wood.
      Please use wax very sparingly. You really don't need much.

      It is important that you apply some strength and rub the wax in properly. This creates frictional heat that makes the wax elastic and pushes it into the hairline cracks and pores of the wood.

      Please write us your experiences. Thanks,

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