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Here you will find products and accessories that we were looking for at AMAZON in order to achieve perfect results with HeliaCARE wood.

Polishing machine from Flex

This polishing machine is the noblest way to apply HeliaCARE wood products to wooden surfaces. The rapid rotation generates heat. As a result, oil and wax become thinner and can be better incorporated into the wood surface. The result is very even, velvety surfaces…. And it is also pleasant to work with, especially on vertical surfaces. However, we are not a distributor of Flex Tool and you can also achieve the same results with a Festool Rotex with a polishing plate. A polishing machine is not a must, but nice to have 😉

Polishing sponges for cordless screwdrivers or drills:

These sponges are a very inexpensive alternative if you only have to polish a larger area every now and then. The small Bosch 10.8V cordless screwdriver will not survive that, but the really large cordless screwdrivers or a cheap drill with speed control will do just fine. Working is not exactly pleasant due to the working position, which is angled at 90 degrees, but it is possible. Then you have earned the beer afterwards. At AMAZON, SPTA also has a very inexpensive polishing machine for less than 60 euros. We tried it - it worked, only one battery was dead when it was delivered and the second got over 70 degrees when it was first charged. Maybe a Monday device - it doesn't matter - we don't want to recommend it because of the fail battery, otherwise usable.

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