HeliaCARE wood care oil heavy duty can

HeliaCARE PREMIUM wood care oil "Heavy Duty", is a purely natural product without chemicals and without solvents for healthy living. Particularly suitable for wooden floors, stairs and ceilings indoors, such as garden furniture, flower boxes, ... in protected outdoor areas.

Made only from organic seeds in Germany.

The low-viscosity PREMIUM oil is deeply absorbed and is intended for indoor and sheltered outdoor use. It is a little thicker than our "Fine Woodwork" oil and has a very light, pleasant nutty odor that disappears after a few hours. In addition, it is not only food safe but also in food grade. In contrast to "Fine Woodwork" oil, the drying times are a little longer, it does not penetrate as deeply and does not fire up quite as well as "Fine Woodwork" but is the more robust oil in terms of surface protection. We recommend treating everyday objects with "Heavy Duty". Standing water, for example from shoes indoors or rain outdoors, should be avoided. Not recommended for patios.

Which care oil is right for my application?

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By dispensing with chemicals, our products have several advantages over synthetic products:

absolutely food safe and therefore non-toxic fire up the wood grain very nicely and strongly Contact with food (e.g. cutting boards) is possible without any problems ideally suited for children's toys Children can use oils under adult supervision odorless and free of toxic fumes can be dosed sparingly fast drying time compared to other natural oils Significantly lower risk of self-ignition of the rags / cloths very long processing times (pot life) possible without sticking cannot stick to the wooden surface Simply rub off too much care products with kitchen paper Wood oil is extra thin and penetrates deep into the capillaries of the wood Gloves or respiratory protection are not required Wood treated with HeliaCARE -wood- is compostable 100% biodegradable