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HeliaCARE cutting board care balm

Wooden cutting boards should not be missing in any kitchen. From simple models to true carpenter's works of art, you can find them everywhere. Kitchen maintenance is often overlooked or misused. Natural care products are therefore important. Our cutting board care balm, made only from ORGANIC oilseeds without chemicals, supports you in hygienically protecting your cutting board from meat and poultry juice and enhancing it visually. It does not contain any additives, apart from pure beeswax, and is therefore not only food-safe, but also food-grade. Continue reading…

HeliaCARE cutting board balm can

HeliaCARE cutting board care oil can

HeliaCARE cutting board oil

helps you to maintain your wooden cutting boards and kitchen worktops made of solid wood, hygienically and visually. Made only from BIO certified raw materials, without chemicals, the antifungal agents help to contain germs and bacteria. In contrast to the cutting board care balm, it does not contain beeswax. Available in 250ml plastic bottles, 250ml / 500ml sustainable tin cans.
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