Steffen is a passionate woodworker for the production of dreamlike kitchen cutting boards and similar projects, which he gladly makes on customer request.

Cutting board by Steffen
Depiction of wood cutting boards result

He contacted us and ordered the HeliaCARE cutting board care set. Here is his comment on Facebook:

"SG Timberdreams recommends Heliacare BIO wood protection: "Hello everyone, my name is Steffen from SG Timberdreams. I'm a woodworker and I make cutting boards and all sorts of other things out of wood. So I was always looking for a wood protection in the form of oil and wax. Unfortunately, the previous products have not really convinced me. For cutting boards in particular, it is very important to me to use a food-safe and sustainable organic product, which, however, ended in a challenge. Then I came across the Heliacare products. What I found there sounded so good that I didn't hesitate and ordered a starter set. Today it arrived and I immediately got to work and treated my just finished cutting boards with the wood preservative oil! And what can I say, I was more than thrilled 🤩, my expectations were more than met, even exceeded. A very easy to process oil which leaves nothing to be desired. No more annoying wearing of gloves, no more bad smell and also no more gluing and removing excess! The oil absorbs very quickly, even with a 240 cut, it is odorless and fires up the grain of the wood very well and with the after-treatment with the wax included in the set, the wood got a beautiful shine 🤩... In short, for me there is there is no alternative anymore... I have included a few pictures in the attachment so that you can see the quality for yourself. Greetings Steffen from SG Timberdreams"


If you also want a great cutting board, or want Steffen to do other beautiful woodwork for you, you can contact Steffen on Facebook or Instagram (search for “SG TIMBERDREAMS”). You can also find Steffen in our Facebook group, the “HeliaCARE Woodies”.

cutting board
Oiled cutting board
Application wood balm cutting board care
Before, afterwards
Food-grade cutting board care set from HeliaCARE
HeliaCARE cutting board care set


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